The Adjuster Corp team is led by Group Managing Director Daniel Burke, a former police investigator with almost two decades of policing and insurance expertise. As a police investigator, Daniel led a team of investigators who specialised in the detection and apprehension of recidivist property offenders receiving five Commendations for Excellence in Investigative Achievements.

Daniel understands the commercial nature of the Insurance Industry and promotes non-confrontational investigative methodologies which are both client and customer focused, in line with the General Insurance Code of Practice. Daniel has been responsible for detecting hundreds of misrepresented insurance claims and has in the process saved insurers millions. Daniel has received six certificates of appreciation from insurers and corporate clients subject to his team’s consistent ability to achieve results.

In May 2019, Daniel was awarded the Australasian Insurance Investigation of the Year Award and in September 2019, he was presented with the International Insurance Investigator of the Year Award at the 67th Annual IAATI Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

Daniel is an expert interviewer highly trained in the art of deception detection having conducted well over 1000 insurance and criminal interviews. He has studied and continues to study behavioral Interviewing and passive interrogation methodologies used by the CIA, FBI and other specialist agencies around the world.

Daniel is an ANZIIF Snr Associate (CIP) and AICLA (Aff), a fully qualified and registered Insurance Adjuster and licensed Investigator. Daniel has conducted liability investigations into major disasters across Australia including but not limited to; tower crane collapses, heavy vehicle accidents, train crashes and tanker explosions and various industrial related fatalities.

Regardless of which Adjuster Corp team member manages your investigation our Managing Director will oversee the Investigation and ensure the correct outcome has been achieved.