Adjuster Corp investigates Workers’ Compensation claims by means of factual investigations, surveillance and analytic background research. Our team of in-house expert claims handlers and investigation specialists, work diligently to ensure a fair and just outcome which will withstand regulatory scrutiny.

We are the agency of choice for many Queensland based Self-Insurers for all factual and surveillance works. We have an impeccable track record in successfully investigating Workers Compensation claims within the guidelines of procedural fairness and natural justice. Our mainstay of clients includes some of the largest national and internationally corporations in the world.

As independent, external Investigators we are only influenced by the evidence. Our findings are based on facts, allowing our clients to make fair and appropriate informed decisions.

Our success within in this field is partially attributed to our expert knowledge in, and familiarity with, safety management systems as they apply to Self-Insurers. We have expert knowledge in safety management systems and the national auditing tool (NAT) having undertaken preliminary auditing reviews across the 108 criteria within the NAT for one of Queensland’s largest Self Insurers.


The audit process involved the inspection of 12 branches spread from Brisbane to Cairns, with the goal of determining if the business would pass or exceed the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland benchmark of 70% as per the 108 criterions within the NAT.

The audit conducted by Adjuster Corp confirmed the Self-Insurer would indeed pass a compulsory audit and the below graph depicts the outcome of the compulsory audit undertaken 6 months after our preliminary audit.