Adjuster Corp’s investigative techniques and consultation has helped clients successfully resolve HSE, HR & IR matters promptly and with minimal business disruption.

The workplace is becoming an increasingly challenging environment for both staff and management alike, with grievances and allegations of inappropriate behaviour on the rise. As such, there are expectations for greater levels of responsiveness, accountability and transparency and organisations are recognising the need to respond to these situations in a timely and appropriate manner.

We understand these issues present significant risks to any organisation. Experience shows unless workplace issues are managed quickly and effectively, the impact upon business can be destructive.

Adjuster Corp has an impeccable track record in successfully managing workplace disputes within the guidelines of procedural fairness and natural justice. Our mainstay of clients includes some of the largest national and internationally corporations in the world.

As independent, external Investigators we are only influenced by the evidence. Our findings are based on facts, allowing our clients to make appropriate informed decisions.